Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels are often difficult to spot, because in many cases the symptoms aren’t noticeable until it is too late. The clearest indication of necessary wheel alignment is uneven wear on the tyres, which generally is not distinguishable until the tyres are worn beyond saving. The best practice is to have your alignment tested periodically, as this will prevent damage to tyres. Using state of the art technology our technicians ensure that any movement or damage caused by pot holes, kerbs, speed bumps or incorrect suspension set-up are rectified.

Every Certified BMW Technician understands that when a wheel is off alignment by just 0.08 of a centimetre, each axle will scrub approximately 67cm sideways every kilometre – greatly reducing tire life. In wet road conditions, a misaligned wheel poses a potential danger because its tread is off-centre and cannot properly displace water, resulting in a loss of traction.

Wheel alignment ensures you get the most tyre life, the best handling, and improved fuel efficiency.

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