Kearys BMW Eastgate, Little Island offers the finest facility to showcase our BMW cars for you, our customers. With a wide model range from the stunning 5 Series to the luxurious X5 coming soon, we can satisfy any BMW customer. 

Kearys are proud to boast one of the largest BMW selection to view and one of Europe’s most sophisticated service centres. All of this ensures a premium experience for our customers for sales and service support.

Our team at Kearys BMW are dedicated to helping each customer to a 5 Star standard and have developed this expertise over the last 7 years of serving as a BMW dealer. We are located just 10 minutes from Cork City centre and so look forward to welcoming you to Kearys BMW.

Paul O’Halloran

Head of Business

t: 087 1317344

e: Paul.O'[email protected]


Ken O'Neill

Head of Sales

t: 087 6481276

e: [email protected]ie


Alan Dwyer

Sales Executive

t: 087 2622856

e: [email protected]


John O’Connor

Sales Executive

t: 086 0213410

e: john.ocon[email protected]


Rob O'Driscoll

Sales Executive

t: 085 1159532

e: [email protected] 


Damien Barry

Sales Executive

t: 085 7054647

e: [email protected]


David Dumitru

Sales Executive

t: 089 4877288

e:[email protected] 


Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
9am - 6pm 10am - 5pm Closed


Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
9am - 6pm 9am - 1pm Closed


Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
9am - 6pm 9am - 1pm Closed