Brake Pad and Disc Replacement


You might be able to skimp on regular car washes, but neglecting warning signs from your BMW’s brakes is a dangerous decision that can lead to expensive repair costs, or even worse, an accident.

Prevention is the first step in maintaining brake health, but so is tuning in to what your car is trying to tell you. Squeals and eventual grinding sounds that emit from your brakes often indicate wear or damage to your brake pads and discs, signalling the need for maintenance.

The benefits of bringing your BMW 5 Series or 3 Series to us are considerably more than you think. You’ll get a great welcome and a coffee to match. You’ll enjoy our free wifi and newspapers while you wait or we’ll help you with onward transport. We’ll also give your car a complimentary wash and vacuum. You’ll also benefit from BMW Trained Technicians, Genuine BMW Parts − warranted for 2 years − and, above all, a really competitive price.

Not sure if you need a replacement? Don’t worry, just get in touch with our experts and we’ll arrange a complimentary inspection for you.

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