The New BMW Concept iX3 Unveiled

The New BMW Concept iX3 Unveiled

If you’ve been contemplating a new electric car in the future, you should learn about the BMW Concept iX3. It previews an exciting future electric SUV from BMW. While at Kearys BMW we have some electrified models to offer, this will expand the lineup further.

Of course, as a concept car, the BMW Concept iX3 won’t come to the market exactly as it was unveiled. Still, it has enough amazing designs that if even a fraction are included, the vehicle will become a favorite.

The Reveal

In a move to catch attention in the largest electric car market in the world, BMW revealed this electric SUV concept at the Auto China 2018 show, which was held in Beijing.

One of the most momentous things about this concept is that it signals a shift for BMW. Instead of all-electric mobility being kept to some fringe products, this concept shows that the brand is preparing to incorporate the strategy into its core vehicles.

Many people have come to appreciate the engaging, utilitarian, and fun nature of the BMW X3 sport activity vehicle (SAV). By creating an all-electric version, BMW can address the need to eliminate vehicle emissions and reduce noise pollution.

Unlike some electrified vehicles, this concept doesn’t compromise in functionality or comfort. The batteries stay tucked underneath the body, so legroom and the cargo area remain spacious.

Flexible Design

Embodied in this concept is a more flexible all-electric vehicle architecture. While the concept uses all-wheel drive, the structure could accommodate front-wheel or rear-wheel drive as well. That kind of versatility is necessary for BMW to begin incorporating electric drivetrains throughout its car and SAV lineups.

To help differentiate this concept from regular BMW X3s, the company put a fresh spin on the exterior design. A blue accent around the closed double kidney grille matches similar flourishes on other BMW i Vision Dynamics vehicles. The design also cuts down on air resistance, improving aerodynamics.

Efficient Powertrain

Showcased in the BMW Concept iX3 is the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology. It’s more efficient and compact, thanks to the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics all being packaged together.

Also included in the fifth-generation tech is a new battery pack. Thanks to new developments, the pack weighs less. It’s also more powerful, improving performance all around, including total range.

Not only is the new electric powertrain for the BMW Concept iX3 efficient and flexible, it’s also engaging and powerful. Maximum output is over 200 kW or 270 horsepower. That kind of performance is a reality thanks to the 70-kWh net capacity of the high-voltage battery. Range is also impressive at over 400 kilometres or 249 miles, which is enough for practical everyday use.

While range anxiety has been a challenge for all-electric vehicles, charging times have presented another objection. The new battery pack has been optimized for rapid recharging, thanks to a new Charging Control Unit. It has been specifically designed for fast-charging stations that generate up to 150 kW. Under those conditions, replenishing the battery completely takes only 30 minutes, which is far more reasonable than previous options.

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The New BMW Concept iX3 Unveiled